SNAP in Oregon

Using Tumblr as the platform, I established a blog, “How to Get and Keep SNAP Benefits in Oregon,” to be a resource for people who are applying for SNAP benefits (informally known as, food stamps) in the state of Oregon. This blog serves its readers by being an easily accessible host for needed information and clarity on the application process, as well as the ins and outs, tips and tricks, of getting and keeping SNAP benefits.

This project has been a long time coming. At various points in our lives, some of my friends and I have needed to access food benefits. And what any of you reading this who have applied for SNAP in the past already know, is that the process between applying and actually receiving the benefits is bananas.

I’ve been on and off of food stamps for the last 3 years. The entire time it’s been a uphill battle with DHS; either my paperwork would be “wrong,” my caseworker would be on vacation, or some such other thing would cause me to be flat out denied much needed food benefits. Each time I was denied, I knew I qualified! But, sadly, that doesn’t matter much to some (not all) of the folks on the other end of phone, behind the computer, or on the opposite side of the counter. I could feel their apathy.

After applying about five times in the last three years I’ve learned a lot about the process. Some of this information came from personal experience, making mistakes, having one caseworker who was invested in helping me, or just rooting around on the government website for a long while.

I decided to finally undertake this project when friends would ask me random questions about the process and I would have the right answer. Friends would even send other folks to me and I had answers for them too!

Jokingly, someone said to me one day, “Samantha can you just put all this info in one place? You should make a Tumblr blog or something…”

About a year later that’s exactly what I did!

Visit to learn more.

NOTE: this Tumblr blog is in no way an attempt to offer anyone legal advice, nor is it a complete collection of all of the rules & regulations that a person must follow to qualify for SNAP benefits. 

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