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I provide services for nonprofit organizations, writers, and community members.

For an established monthly fee – paid in advance at the beginning of the month – the following services can be part of a retainer agreement.

Grant Writing

Possible activities include:

  • create narrative sections for proposals
  • comprehensive funder research
  • share list of potential funding opportunities
  • consult with Client’s staff to determine whether a funding opportunity is a good fit
  • outreach to potential funders 
  • prepare letters of inquiry and/or other required approaches
  • provide coaching and guidance to Client via virtual meetings, phone, and email
Development Operations

Possible activities include:

  • create robust, easy to use grant tracking systems
  • create Standard Operating Procedures for the Development Department
  • fundraising database selection and set up
  • creation of boilerplate grant language
  • internal operations audit and recommendations
Fundraising Strategy + Planning

Possible activities include:

  • create a values-aligned Fund Development Plan
  • outline revenue projections
  • apply equity lens and CCF principles to fundraising activities
Sensitivity Reader*

A sensitivity reader is someone who reads through a manuscript with acute attention to biases and representation of marginalized peoples. It is not the same as copy editing or beta reading; it’s about sussing out problematic representations of typically marginalized identities and people.

As a sensitivity reader, I will read your manuscript a few times, then create and submit a report that thoroughly identifies any issues I may find. I will include quotes, citations, and provide suggestions on how to remedy the issues that I find.

I have several areas of expertise. While this is not an exhaustive list, it should give you a general idea of issues and subject matter that I’m comfortable with providing feedback on.

  • Black identity; anti-Blackness
  • Queerness; LGBTQ; coming out
  • Ableism and disability
  • Sexisim 
  • Mental illness

*Sensitivity Readings do not require a retainer. Rates will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

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