Welcome, I’m Samantha!

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Part of my life’s work is to (re)direct resources to movements that benefit ALL Black people. The other parts are writing and drinking lots of tea. Basically, I’m a thoughtful, awkward person who won’t shut up about stuff I’m passionate about.

I have spent several years as a nonprofit fundraiser in Portland, Oregon; working with the Community Cycling Center, Call to Safety, Imagine Black, and others. I also have a professional certificate in Nonprofit Fundraising from Portland State University and WVDO.

I’m in my Happy Place with work when I get to help clients write grant proposals, create development department systems, and coach clients using Community-Centric Fundraising principles.

My work is guided by my lived experience as a Black queer babe living and loving on Chinook+ land.

Community centric fundraising logo that shows "CCF" in a heart with "community centric fundraising" to the right

Commuinty-Centric Fundraising

The work I do with clients and their donors/funders is guided by the 10 Principles of Community-Centric Fundraising.

Freelancers union logo with a red bee in the middle of the circle. Around the circle and above the bee it reads "Proud Member Of". Below the bee, in horizontal lettering, it reads "Freelancers Union" in capitalized red letters. Under and outside of the circle has red text that says "www.freelancersunion.org"

Freelancers Union

I am a proud member of the Freelancers Union who works to secure a better future for independent workers. And, because I know freelance isn’t free!