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The initial consultation meeting with a nonprofit organization, agency, or an individual (“Client”) is at no cost. In this beginning stage we will negotiate a fee structure, develop a contract that reflects that structure and is inclusive of all elements relating to the scope of work, deliverables and payment arrangements agreed upon by all parties. I (“Contractor”) will not charge fees until we have signed a binding contract.

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Please note that as a contractor, I do not ever work on a contingent basis or for a percentage of the funds raised through any of my grant writing efforts.

Fees and Responsibilities

A flat rate hourly fee for my services is $125. There is some room for negotiation to a higher or lower rate based on circumstances. These fees cover the services outlined below. Additionally, we can discuss a service package that suits the Client’s needs. 


With retainer agreements in fund development, a monthly retainer amount is established in advance and detailed completely in the engagement contract between Client and Contractor. The monthly retainer is usually in the range of $2,000 to $5,000. 

Retainer fees are due at the beginning of each month, with a three month minimum retainer contract required at the outset.  

For an established monthly fee, paid in advance, the following services can be part of a retainer agreement: comprehensive funder research; share potential funding opportunities; consult with Client’s staff to determine whether a funding opportunity is a good fit; outreach to potential funders; prepare letters of inquiry and/or other required approaches; create narrative sections for proposals; provides ongoing consultation and guidance to Client via virtual meetings, phone, and email.


The flat rate fee for contracted services is $125 per hour.

Private Foundation and Corporate Proposals

A private funder scan is based on a comprehensive search of private sources (usually foundations and corporations) in my network from which the organization is eligible to receive funds and that have funding initiatives or programs consistent with the organization’s proposed project or program. For a fee of $4,000 (representing ~30 hours of effort) I will identify these sources and draft approach letters and other required documents, and/or prepare a preliminary application to the five most promising sources identified and mutually agreed upon.

This work includes completing letters of inquiry (LOI) or other first contact communications required by private funders. When an LOI is required, the fee may cover preparation of both the letter and the full proposal, if the private funder ultimately invites such a submission, depending on proposal requirements.

Local, State and Federal Government Proposals

Most proposals to government funders are submitted in response to requests for proposals (RFPs). Typically there is a deadline stated with a specific and lengthy, often tedious, application format. 

The flat rate fee for writing a proposal to a government grantor can be $2,500 or more, depending upon a number of factors, including the complexity of the proposal and the length of time available before the submission deadline.

Fees for writing a government proposal with a submission deadline 14 days away or less start at $150 an hour.

Funder Research Only

Customized grant source research is available for any project concept, whether or not you engage my services to develop any grant proposals. Such searches include keyword queries of databases of federal, state and local programs and private, public foundation and corporate giving sources. The fee for such research typically ranges from $1,500 to $5,000, based on the project concept and scope of the search.

Editing and Technical Assistance

Editing and revision of Client-prepared proposals, as well as technical assistance, is available on an hourly basis at a rate of $125 per hour.


As the Contractor, I will not create budget documents or budget narrative for proposals; these are the Client’s responsibility. However, as the Contractor, I will collaborate with the Client to ensure the narrative and budget are coordinated.

It is the Client’s responsibility to complete final submission of proposals to potential funders. If Client is unfamiliar with the proposal submission process or how to create a budget, Contractor can assist.

It is the Client’s responsibility to complete and submit associated reporting documents or acknowledgements for grants awarded. Clients may engage Contractor’s services to create grant reports.

Credentials and Experience

For the last several years, I have been a nonprofit fundraiser in Portland, Oregon; working with the Community Cycling Center, Call to Safety, Imagine Black, and others. I also have a professional certificate in Nonprofit Fundraising from Portland State University and WVDO.

To learn more about my professional experience and qualifications, you can find me on LinkedIn, or read more info on my website, including my bio and list of publications.

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