Free Enterprise: day 1

After finding out that I wouldn’t be making the trip to University of Cambridge, I was extremely down. Like, in the nothing ever works out, hurmph, I’ma just subsist off of chips and cheesecake kind of down. You know what I’m talking about. I mean, it was as though I’d had my dreams dashed, my plans gruffly mopped away. Cleaned up, sanitized, got rid of like so much garbage in my life. Again, similar to so many other things, I didn’t know it was garbage when I came up on it. I thought — here’s this really rad opportunity, I better jump on it because nothing like this is ever ever gonna happen again! WOW. I’m post-Saturn Return; you’d think I know better. What I do know is that it (too) often takes me many trips around to learn the same damn lesson.

So, for the Universe to prematurely eject me from this writing program before it even starts, is something for me to note. Maybe it wasn’t premature at all; it’s quite possible it’s right on time. Because here I am…

I’ve been searching my favorite literary haunts on The Internets looking for writing workshops and summer courses to supplement what I would’ve been doing at Cambridge. What I’ve found is light years beyond what I expected to discover.

Yesterday — Monday 11 July 2016 — was Day 1 of the Free Enterprise workshop, hosted by Alexis Pauline Gumbs. In this course we’re working on themes Gumbs is bringing to us from Michelle Cliff‘s book, Free Enterprise: A Novel of Mary Ellen Pleasant.

Today’s assignment was to make a list of pseudonyms. A register of of aliases I can ascribe my freedom writing to. I’ma go ahead and be super vulnerable with y’all right now. Below is the list I drafted; in its entirety.

  • Marsha “BBHMM” Johnson
  • Masculine Jetty
  • Storm Lucille Tabernacle
  • Sandra Lawless
  • Diamond Homicide
  • Dinosaur Envy
  • Baby Hair Refuge
  • Honey Wata
  • Salt Warrior

Wooooo. So, um yeah…I’m not embarrassed at all. [/sarcasm]

If sometime in the not-too-distant future you start seeing blogs and zines and shit pop up under ‘Baby Hair Refuge,’ just know that it’s me, and I’ve gone incognegro.


PS: I just realized that Michelle Cliff became an Ancestor one month ago today. Damn.

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