QSOCC 2015 & 2016


April 2016 will bring us to the 6th annual Queer Students of Color Conference (QSOCC [say Q-sock])!

During my time at Portland State University (PSU), I was the Queer Students of Color Resources & Retention Coordinator at the Queer Resource Center. In addition to my professional duties, it is my responsibility to organize QSOCC and ensure its holistic success. QSOCC took place at PSU, Saturday and Sunday, April 16th and 17th 2016.

One of the things I wanted to do before I graduated from PSU was create a video documenting the many aspects of the conference. I’m pleased to say that goal was accomplished! Video below.

Me and other conference organizers were featured on KBOO Community Radio’s Political Perspectives. Listen to us wax poetic on the 2016 conference theme, the history of QSOCC, conference programming highlights, and more!

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QSOCC 2016 poster
Poster art created by Shilo George

2016 Conference Theme: Diasporic Futures

The Queer Students of Color Conference (QSOCC) has been a place where friendships and coalitions are forged, and normativity is challenged. QSOCC 2016, invites you to imagine and create the world we want to live in – together – and to consider our collective Diasporic Futures! For the last five years, QSOCC has laid the foundation upon which we may build a world our Ancestors want us to live in. In this world, this future place, there is: an end to racism, and racist exploitation of the bodies and labor of people of color; the end of transphobia and transantagonism; an end to state sanctioned Black genocide; actualized equity and justice for all people and living things; land rights and sovereignty to the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island; safe, affordable, and accessible housing, health care, food, and education for all.


QSOCC 2015 Info

2015 QSOCC poster
Poster art created by Julio Salgado

2015 Conference Theme: Queering Art

Portland State University’s Queer Resource Center is pleased to announce the Queer Students of Color Conference (QSOCC) – Queering Art, April 18 & 19, 2015. This is the 5th annual QSOCC. Queering Art is working with the intention of bringing our communities along with us as we examine how, collectively, queer and trans communities of color experience and interact with art. Queering is the act of investigating, interrogating, and questioning. We hope that you will join us as we engage in artistic scholarship produced by and for queer and trans people of color!

Read the Community Report Back for QSOCC 2015.

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