about me

new bio photo Hello and welcome!

This page will give you a short overview of some the work I’ve done in the academy and in my community. My curriculum vitae can be found here.

A bit about me:

I drink copious amounts of tea to get through the days, and consume a fair amount of sci-fi to get through the nights.

A recent graduate of Portland State University (PSU) in Portland, Oregon; with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and a double minor in Black Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I’m a writer, artist, agitator, and organizer.

As a McNair scholar, my undergraduate research project was centered on a case study of the non-profit organization, Sisters in Action for Power, and its girl-led campaigns that brought together aspects of youth-adult partnerships and popular education to produce social change. My faculty mentors were Dr. Roberta Hunte and Dr. Derrais Carter.

Some of my past work has included putting a feminist slant on news by producing public radio shows with KBOO Community Radio’s Bread & Roses. I was the Pacific Northwest Regional Organizer for the #BlackLivesMatter 2014 Labor Day Ride to Ferguson, Missouri. I have facilitated workshops and presented my research at Portland Community College and PSU. In 2015 and 2016, I organized the annual Queer Students of Color Conference at PSU.

As a freelance writer I generate blog posts, press releases, ghostwrite articles, and provide other communications management expertise for local and national clients. I have been a regular contributor at PQ Monthly, and have had my work published on Black Girl Dangerous, For Harriet, and in Lightspeed: People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction!. 

Currently, I’m the Development Manager at the Community Cycling Center. Our mission is to broaden access to bicycling and its benefits. Our vision: to help build a vibrant community where people of all backgrounds use bicycles to stay healthy and connected. We believe that all Portlanders—regardless of income or background—should have the opportunity to experience the joy, freedom, and health benefits of bicycling. To reach me at the Cycling Center, email Samantha@CommunityCyclingCenter.org.