Ramblings on Y-APs, Black Feminist Thought & Legacy

From a writing prompt/free write where I listed questions related to my research and then looped back to respond to a few of them. It sort of reads as a stream of consciousness. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like inside my head…here’s a snapshot.

Why should feminists care about youth-adult partnerships (Y-APs)? 

Feminists should care about Y-APs because it is our duty to be “allied” to youth, we must bring young people along with us as we work to forge a new world from the rubble of the old…Y-APs are important to me because I cannot imagine a world where there are no young people, and not having them present is as much as issue as not including their voices.

What is the future of Y-APs and girls/women of color?

While I’m not sure I have the answer to this question, exactly, I do want to go back through some of my readings/sources for the lit review and see what other scholars are saying about the future of Y-APs and girls/WOC. If I’m remembering correctly, they didn’t have much to say. However, this may be another aspect of my work if I am to fill the scholarly gaps provided by my predecessors.

Black Feminist Thought as a way to form Y-APs:

Truth be told, I’ve no idea how this fits together…yet. But I just know there’s something here. I need to finish reading Collins’s essay, I’ve only just started the introduction, and then I need to do some deep analysis around it. Probably talk with A or A re: BFT and how it applies to my research.

Additionally, I believe it is my job to talk up the BFT mantle, (well part of it at least; it’s too large for one person and there are already so many others also doing the work) to continue the work. To shout it from the rooftops even when no one but the crows will listen… I will do this, and I will commit. If not selfishly for me, then for the others who came before me so that I might experience this selfishness, so that I might be an edge closer to knowing what freedom feels like…

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